Sell Furniture Online and Be On The Safe Side: 5 Ways to Avoid Risks

Like buying and selling clothing, electronics, and other things online, selling and buying furniture comes with its share of safety measures. You must come up with security strategies and put safeguards in place to avoid unnecessary complications and risks that may harm your business. Safety shouldn’t be the reason not to take advantage of good deals on furniture online. If you’ve decided that you want to indulge in the furniture business, there are a few precautions you need to take.

If you want to sell furniture online and play it safe, here are five ways to do it.

1.Ensure Your Device is Protected

We assume you know how does ecommerce world work. We also assume you know it is pretty competitive and filled with all sorts of people. There are people with ulterior motives – to harness unsuspecting buyers, steal their personal data or their money. These hackers and scammers are experienced enough to bypass any security software on your device (laptop, tablet or desktop PC) to steal personal information.

Make sure the device you are using has a strong firewall, for example, antivirus software to keep these hackers and scammers at bay.

To keep yourself safe, research online store or ecommerce platforms that you want to sell furniture on. We recommend you to sell on renowned platforms like eBay and Shopify.

Always check the authenticity of the website or platform you want to buy or sell furniture on. A reliable and legitimate website that sells furniture online must have an address and a phone number. If they don’t, that should be a problem.

You can also conduct an online Google search to discover more information about the website or for the online retailer. Read reviews about the platform to see what customers are saying.

A few negative comments are not an indication that the website offers poor products or services. Read all reviews and decide whether or not it is the right platform to sell furniture.

2. Check if The Ecommerce Website has an SSL certificate

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a software that offers encrypted and secure communication between a web browser and an ecommerce platform. Having an SSL certificate is crucial, especially on ecommerce platforms that process payments from one individual to another. The certificate is installed on websites or online stores that require visitors to submit personal information such as passwords or credit card details.

If the ecommerce platform you intend to sell furniture on, lacks an SSL certificate, don’t attempt to create a website and start selling. Find a better and more secure platform.

Shopify ecommerce platform, for example, provides SSL certificates to your store. To improve security, SSL encrypts your store’s content securely using HTTPS. SSL certificates are activated by default for your store’s checkout, as well as, for any content that is hosted on all Shopify domains.

3. Be a Problem Solver

As a seller, your purpose is to drive sales on your store. However, that is not what’s most important. The central role of ecommerce sellers is solving customers’ problems. As a matter of fact, the ability to solve problems is the secret to increasing customer engagement and earning high profits.

Before customers decide to purchase furniture, they need information and several questions answered. For starters, focus on those questions to show your customers you care for their needs. For example, you can add a blog page on your website where you will be offering answers to customers’ questions. You can also use the blog to share details about new products, share advice on how to care for the furniture, how to decorate their home, and more. Customers will continue reading your articles which will enable you to have new information on customer needs and preferences. You will come up with products that best fit them.

To improve your online interaction and ensure your customers love your products, become a reliable problem solver, not just a typical seller.

4. Add Social Media Icons on Your Website

There is no business without socialization. Will you agree with us?

As you might notice, ecommerce businesses thrive in socializing. Both sellers and customers must communicate with each other for orders and transactions to take places. You need to keep in mind that people are social beings and if there is a social affair, selling will definitely take place. One way to improve socialization when selling furniture is by adding social media icons to your website. The icons will help customers to connect with you.

You know what they say – sharing is caring. So, when a customer is treated right, the next thing he will do is pass on the experience and good news to their friends, colleagues, and family. You must provide a room for this to happen by allowing them to share your products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Shopify, for example, has this great Social Media Icons app. The app allows you to display social media buttons on your store. You can customize the icons with effects, eye-catching layouts, and animation.

5. Update The Content

Have you ever visited a website or online store only to find that the information is outdated? For example, you are looking for the best tips to decorate your home in 2019. The information you get is advising you what home decor products to purchase. However, you know that these products are out of fashion in 2015. How would you feel?

Will you agree with us that updating your content is important. Not only to keep your customers engaged but also to show them that you care for their needs and for their business. You show you are keeping an eye on the current trends. Today, everyone wants to know the precedence in the home decor niche or furniture industry. You should be a reliable source on the current furniture trends.

The idea is to remain safe while selling and shopping online. It is always better to implement safe strategies than be sorry later, right? If you want to run a successful business online and sell furniture like a pro, you must pay attention to security, as well as, your customers’ needs. Choose a safe ecommerce platform and make sure your customers know you are doing everything to keep their private details secure.

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