Brightpearl or Cloudcommerce? Multi-channel ecommerce software comparison 2018

Brightpearl or Cloudcommerce? Multi-channel ecommerce software comparison 2018

When you are just starting your business selling on a single marketplace like Amazon or eBay can be tiresome enough, but it can also be enough when it comes to satisfying your customers’ needs. However, as the business grows, there will most likely be a need for you to make your products available to customers wherever they want to buy them, and that means resorting to multi channel selling. This process can be very complicated because of the different systems that you will need to work with, which is why people have developed software solutions that allow you to do multi-channel selling in one place. Brightpearl and Cloudcommerce are those kinds of solutions, so keep on reading for a multi channel e-commerce software comparison between the two.


This ecommerce software that is meant for multi-channel selling is a combination of inventory management with basic accounting tools and a CRM functionality that is perfect for any small retailers. For a lot of those smaller businesses, this is the perfect software because inventory management is one of the most important things that people look for in a software and this software’s inventory management system is a great one to help you run your business.

Cons of Brightpearl

One of the biggest disadvantages of this software is the fact that it is not an all-around one because of its lack of shipping, billing, messaging and comprehensive order management skills. Another thing that is definitely considered a con is the fact that their payment policy is not a transparent one and if you want to find out what you are going to have to pay, you are going to have to call or message the provider directly, and you still may end up wondering what the price actually is.


Second on our multi channel ecommerce software comparison is Cloudcommerce. This software will give you a good amount of really comprehensive multi channel e-commerce tools that will help you when managing your listings, order management, inventory management, CRM, shipping and so on. This software will allow you to integrate with all of the usual and most popular marketplaces, payment gateways, web shop platforms and so on.

Cons of Cloudcommerce

The first con that we will mention is the fact that this software does not offer a free trial that you can take a look and all you have to rely on is a demo that you can look at. This brings us to the second con, and that is, once again, the lack of transparency when it comes to payment. The prices start at around 200 pounds per month, but you won’t find out about that until you actually sit through the demo. The system also isn’t the most easily configurable, so you will need to pay the providers an insane 2000 pounds in order for them to set it up, so definitely be prepared for that as well.

As you can see in our multi channel ecommerce software comparison, both Brightpearl and Cloudcommerce are great choices, but they also both have their definite drawbacks. Make sure to take a good look at both of them and see which one you think will be the best one for you and your business.

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